• Mojstrana and its surroundings offer you unlimited opportunities for hiking in the Julian Alps and in Karavanke. You can get more information about the hiking routs in the literature about hiking.


  • Well managed cycling path Mojstrana – Rateče is really good for cycling enthusiastic people and also for families with children. The path goes along the main road but is far enough that you can still enjoy in the nature. From Rateče you can continue your path towards Laghi di Fusine lakes in Tarvisio (Itally).
  • Skilled circlers can test their abilities in the downhill park FunBike Park in Kranjska Gora. LINK


  • The new Slovene Alpine museum with its history tale about Slovenians in the local and Foreign Mountains and its presentation off the beauty and values of the Alps helps to preserve the tradition of the Slovenian nation. LINK
  • The days in memory of Jakob Aljaž are being held every year at the end of August. The visitors can be a part of many cultural and fun activities. The days end with a hike to Vrata and a mass in a chapel. Every year there is also an art gallery opened in Vrata.
  • Yearly in the Winter time right before Christmas the frozen Peričnik Falls it lit up in the night time. If you decide to go see it, we would advise you to dress in warm clothes and bring a torch o candle with you.
  • The Christmas Crib in Ice is a play, acted out in the artificially frozen falls of the Mlačca gorge. They can be attended every year in the Christmas and New Year time.

Trips in the surroundings

  • The Peričnik Falls are one of the most well known falls in Slovenia. They consist of two falls, the upper one which is 16m high and the more famous 52m high one, located lower. The falls are part of the Triglav National Park and are therefore protected. You can find them on your way through the Vrata Valley and they are only at 4,5 km distance from Mojstrana.
  • The ironworks in Radovna were first mentioned in the year 1571, as a specialised facility located in Javornik and Jesenice. They are famous for a special process of iron melting with the help of coke(fuel). Today you can only see the debris of dwellings for the workers and a part of the main facility.
  • Vršič (1611 meters) is the highest Slovenian mountain pass, connecting Gorenjska with the Trenta Valley. The road was built during, the First World War and the so called Russian Chappel still reminds us of all the war prisonners who died building it. Vršič is one of the most important starting point for hiking trips towards the Velika or Mala Mojstrovka, Prisank, Razor and Slemenova Špica. In the near you will find many mountain huts such as: Erjavčeva koča, Tičarjev dom, Koča na Gozdu, Poštarska koča.
  • The Soča River Valley (Bovec, Tolmin, Kobarid) was created as a result of the Soča glacier and is said to be one of the most beautiful areas of Slovenia, due to the nature there having never been tampered with. The Soča river offers many posibilities for sports (Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning...) and also fishing. In Trenta you can visit the Botanic Garden Alpinetum Juliana, the spring of Soča or the Trenta Museum, where you can find out more about the history, and etnologic and cultural herritage of Trenta. In the near of Bovec you can find the wonderful Boka waterfall, while Kobarid is famous for its museum featuring the time between World War I, the birth place of Simon Gregorčič and the ossuary at St. Anton's.
  • Zelénci are the spring of Sava Dolinka. Daily, water rushes onto the surface from a 2m deep green lake, which is also responsible for the spring's name. Zelenci are a natural reserve and are a home to many endangered plants and animals.
  • The Bled Lake has the only natural island in Slovenia. There is a Baroque church of Mary's Assumption, known especially because of the legend about the "bell of wishes". You can take a boat ride to the island in a special little boat called "pletnja". Above the lake, on a cliff, you can see Bled's caste. Make sure you don't leave Bled without trying it's famous Creeme Cake, better known as "Kremšnita".

Activities for children

  • On the trail of the Triglav fairy tale (LINK)
  • Kekec Land (LINK)
  • The Land of the Dwarfs (LINK)
  • The Besna Pehta (Furious Pehta) summer toboggan run (Kranjska Gora)
  • The Bedančeva drča chute (Kranjska Gora) (LINK)